what is the global trends in online education

Why is Edtech important? To answer this question, we have to refer to the subject of Education and online means of delivery. Education in the digital world is a topic which covers theoretical reasons for its importance, as well as some practical arguments.

Is the trend towards online education growing?

First of all, it can be said that the trend towards online education is growing. On the whole, it is possible to say that:

Education providers worldwide are beginning to promote online education, to increase access to education and support learning of children.

Although, most of the educational content or educational institutions would be located offline, there are some studies which could help to determine a definite future trend in this field. After analyzing numerous research results, one can deduce that the number of virtual studies has increased year by year, yet by what means?

We can resolve this question by taking a look at the region of improvement or fall on the graph, and also by comparing the educational changes in different countries. As we can see, online study in the United States is moving towards a rapid development. In the same way, in Scotland, UK, there are many educational institutions: distance education, which is supported by different stakeholders. Today, the traditional structures of education, like schools, are starting to suffer and drop off among children, while modern structures, like the distance education are increasing in number.

Additionally, these educational systems define specific education experiences, such as specific teaching technologies, content and subjects, which limit the presentness of the education. As that, the online educational system should now surpass their traditional alternatives.

But isn’t online education less suitable for the development of children?

However, this question, it may still be complicated to answer. If we consider the Russian and European countries, the distance education is almost completely obligatory, it is better that children take online education, rather than the traditional education programs. Therefore, there will be a significant change in the educational network of education. In Asia, the vast majority of educational programmes are implemented online, however in the North-eastern countries, education is considered a traditional process which does not require much improvement, and can directly influence the condition of education in the new country, especially in Russia, Central and Eastern Europe, South Africa, also India, South Asia, and so on.

If we consider some educational models, the level of availability of education is considerably higher: Schools, Colleges, Universities, Work Bodies, etc. These types of educational institutions require a substantial number of resources, that will not let them add online classes. Let us take a look at countries where Online Education is most significant. China or India: there are more than one million learning online. Peru: the ratio of students to teachers is higher than 6:1 in some schools in India, where online education has been implemented. Chile, Chile: the number of students to total enrolment of the Education Departments of the country is almost 3%.

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