Teaching an online course for the first time

This is teaching an online course for the first time. I never thought that I’d write a post in Medium, let alone do something that has to be done online, let alone do a course that is shared online. But that’s exactly what I’m doing!

Previously I had been known as a designer and one of the founder’s of the Defiant Design Collective. I started writing in Medium for several reasons. I have an incredibly busy life and wanted a change from designing to writing, and being in that little cubicle each day wasn’t helping me to be more creative.

After making the switch and having a career change, I decided to try my hand at writing, but no one here took any interest in it. It might have been worth a shot as I’ve never written or engaged with writing and I think I could really benefit from putting my pen to paper.

While I’m a bit of a visual learner and do enjoy visual content, I think for me, the internet’s leading social platform, is the perfect place to do it. I remember going on there and sharing a link and having to click get all of my “aesthetic” over how it would look in a layout so that you can see the design of the video, and I have a combination of videos from when I was a little boy, and perhaps even now, which is why I do it all myself.

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