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“Shopify reviews are being set up on our own to review the Shopify that my company launched yesterday.”

That comment sums up the reactions of many merchant’s to the launch of Shopify’s virtual foot counter checkout system. Just like Etsy’s virtual checkout tool, making purchases can be much easier, faster, and customized through Shopify’s new products and features.

Users of a virtual foot counter are able to open a shop on Shopify, register the product and create a virtual cashier. Once set up on Shopify and the new physical foot counter system is connected, a virtual clerk comes to the door and gives you a receipt and gives credit for the transaction.

Shoppers use their phone’s Near Field Communication (NFC) chip (usually found in their smartphones) to select products and add more product collections to a list in their list of products. Once shoppers have spent some time creating their order, the total of the transaction is uploaded.

Storeowners are then able to enter the receipt back into the Shopify website to upload a credit card. This is the point at which Shopify determines that the user is a paying customer. Once a payment is submitted via debit card or credit card, users can use their credit card to make another purchase.

As a result, brands are able to save over time in processing payments and plan for the upcoming payments to come in on their digital payments payments platform. This is an incredible project by Shopify which helps to streamline the online payment process as shoppers save the hassle of getting a traditional cashier at the door.

You can create multiple virtual cashiers and replace them with customers using their own phones.

Shopify reviews are being set up on our own to review the Shopify that my company launched yesterday. Novels ( and Shopify reviews are quickly gaining traction. Book on Medium? Write an honest review on Medium and check out

If you’re looking for something a little more nuanced, our reviewer site is worth checking out.

“Fascinating. Welcome to the future of ordering online.”

“I’m so impressed, and so grateful for this service. It’s such a great way to save time. I got my order sent to my house in 4 minutes, who I am in a sell out so I’m glad they are providing people with a solution that will speed up delivery with a new streamlined way.”

“Love that Shopify introduced new features like in-store pickup and payment methods. One cool feature is the instant savings for all merchants, which automatically give them a discount on shopping with Shopify and any purchasing with My Boss also happens on Shopify, if they are a Merchant.”

What do you think? Are these products something that is revolutionary or are they innovative enough to, perhaps, prevent some brands from struggling with the fees that have plagued Shopify in the past? Send your thoughts, comments, comments, ideas, reviews, critiques and frustrations of any kind on our forums, Shopify delivers so much value to its merchants and if this is a trend you want to contribute to, get in touch.

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