How to start seo blogs for beginners

seo blogs for beginners

No doubt at the start of your journey into the world of coding you might be terrified of starting. You might be scared of slacking off, having a plethora of ideas but not a clue of how to get the project off the ground. If this is you and you want to try something new, I have curated a selection of tutorials that will help you kick-start your coding journey.

A starter series of tutorials covering some of the more advanced techniques used in modern day coding.

Some introductory tutorials that will teach you basics of theoretical programming.

Introduction to Programming 2: What’s between String and an integer

First things first, be aware that this tutorial will have a warning that it might be incomplete. If you read the full tutorial from here, then you will be good to go.

This is the intro to programming series, in this series I have covered some important concepts that you can find on the internet. You should be able to hit the ground running.

Next, the proper introduction to programming series will be presented below. Each introduction will talk about new algorithms that will be useful in your future coding projects. I have included 4 chapters in this first 3 month list, I have also included 2 books, one of which is written by an old colleague of mine who works as a programmer as well.


This is the first introductory piece, you will find the full series of guides in the place below.

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