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Editing If you have the kind of ego that generally makes you think I’m out to sabotage your social life, I urge you to stop reading now. You want to follow along closely, but you don’t want to blow it, so you’ll have to delete the blog.


Editing the blog is the most important part of the blogging process.

At some point I looked at it, read through it, edited it, and now I’m almost ready for you to start blogging.

You can also choose to download a free printable version and cover the website thereon, but I have a nice interactive background for my blog that looks cool on the iPad.


At the beginning of the blog you can write what you want, but as time goes on your blog will be clearly to your fans what you want it to be, so if you write anything that’s totally wrong, I ask you to listen to me.

Ensure that the title of your website is 100% in line with the content you publish (if you want to be read and have high views, make sure your blog title is on the front page).

Edit your blog to get things to the next level with great color, nice fonts, and positioning of your blog as if it’s an Instagram instagram (with that beautiful news feed thumbnail).


If you’re a really good writer, you can see what you’re doing very quickly. Copy images in the correct size and do not edit them too much.

Copy text in the right medium size and style. You don’t need to have the “prestige” font size, but you want the content to be readable by everyone, so it’s best to have easy-to-read spacing on the text.

Review all the formatting errors you’ve made and remember, this is just the first blogs. Just look at the feedback from other bloggers, edit some more. Edit a bit more if you want the blog to be real-time. Edit a bit more if you need a few different tomes to become a bigger blog. Edit a bit more if you want the final blog page to look like a magazine.

Print 1

Cover page of my blog.

Edit the content of each blog section. There are so many cool tabs on any given website. Some blogs are the most basic, but you can find hot right now and really get started.

In the first few blogs there’s going to be numerous examples of either the blog running or not so some sites will probably have thousands of articles of very basic content.

Fix writing errors. If you make a mistake in the body of your blog or write a whole lot of words and haven’t really learned about them (if you find yourself typing “UMPC” 10 times a day), then you better change that. That would make a huge difference if we’re hoping that we write it ourselves.

Edit the text to give it a more professional look. This isn’t required but if you’re doing less editing and you’re thinking of blogging for the joy of writing and posting something that may not be for business, then edit the more essential posts.


As you edit the posts and get a clearer idea of what type of content to put up, you’ll have a clearer idea of what to do next. This part will give you a sense of where you are as a writer and allow you to plan things better and give it a better looking face.

Edit the header, header cover, caption.


I don’t mean to seem too demanding, but be creative with your title titles and that will go a long way to make sure that it’s attractive to a larger audience of potential readers. I find that my blog has enough visitors who have visited it but I just want to have a good title that my visitors see. But you can get this. It’s something that can affect your views or how quickly you start your blog and you’ll want to make sure you try really hard with it.

Editing is a much more important part of the process than editing it well. Editing can easily deviate you from where you’re trying to go and with design or the structure of the blog, it’s very important to stick with that plan. When things are too much to handle you can start to lose the energy and because something important can be planned off, it can be too hard to bring up.


Crop for the right angle.

With the world becoming quicker and quicker every day, blogging is one thing that can absolutely benefit. Join an online forum or if you haven’t got one you should find one and jump in! I would love to jump in on that and get started for my journalism career 🙂


We all know how difficult it is to produce content. Once you start gaining followers, you’ll be able to focus on

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