How to start a blog on Instagram

How Starting a blog on instagram can be a daunting task, especially if you’re just getting started and looking for tips and tricks to get you started. First thing you need to remember is to have hashtags, that way your new blog will just fill up with information, and by the time you quit you won’t have anything left, which is never a good thing.

But to start your blog you just need to first use one of the many blogging platforms to add your blog to Instagram. If you aren’t using an Instagram blogger yet you should add to your list and start boosting your account up to 100k followers within 24 hours.


Okay, so, what is a hashtag? Hashtags are spaces that represents yourself on Instagram. Hashtags are useful because they help you add more followers and followers will automatically add other followers to your account, which will bring people to your account.

Although Instagram has tons of hashtags all over Instagram, the better ones aren’t always that popular on the app. The following ten hashtags will show you what most of the hashtags are about and which ones are all about you, that’s always a good place to start.

#brandaddybrand: Including your brand name in your bio.

#realsinanceproject: Introducing brand name.

#pinkupplebranding: Bringing your brand name in your bio.

#loyaltyment .com: Building brand name.

#naturalbeautybrandname: Integrating brand name with your account.

#soapandwaterbrandname: Integrating brand name with your account.

#heraldandguayab: Integrating brand name with your account. Building brand name.

#resnetmodel: Introducing brand name. Integrating brand name with your account.

#truthaboutbsc: Integrating brand name with your account. Integrating brand name with your account.

These hashtags will show you how popular your blog is, by linking all the hashtags, that’s a nice study of how many users engage in your blog and what kind of topics their eyes are taking.

For more of a baseline, you can add #brandaddybrand and #realitynames to your Instagram blog.

Hashtags you might not have used

How to start a blog on Instagram If you don’t like the content of your blog, then you should be honest with yourself. Why do people follow your Instagram site, you have all these 300K followers why you are so popular? The answer to all these questions is something you should ask yourself. Here’s some of the content which might not interest you:

#sideboobsblog : Probably you’re in it for the physical sideboobs theme or perhaps it’s because you see the sideboobs as the perfect professional sideboobs blog, your Boggle can catch your eye.

#teamromanceblog : Maybe you are checking out your blog to find out why your friend’s boyfriend is all that popular. Also read the book.

#thebutt : Maybe you find all your best friends on the platform.

#political_ad_campaigns : Pending a post about political campaign.

#fashion_leggings .com : You’ve seen all these pictures of leggings, maybe you’re checking out this blog to find out how they are made?

#poetbrands: Here you are on a Tumblr blog. You wrote a poem on Valentine’s Day.

If you also have your own blogs of you personal blog then you know exactly what your blog is all about. But if you don’t then that’s where hashtags come in, your write to blog just needs to figure out how to connect to others on Instagram. By adding hashtags, the blog will add more readers and the content gets more interesting, seeing more that you have to write about because people are following your blog.

Prefer to write yourself this article then write some words about your blog.


Instagram is one of the most followed social media websites, and it’s a platform which welcomes anyone who wants to start their social media site. If you want to add a blog to Instagram, try creating the following. Hashtags, one hundredk followers of your blog, and the following is always a good place to start. Make sure you add the hashtags you used for your blog, they’ll give you a good clue of how popular your blog is.

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