how to make online classes more effective for students

Course Objectives

The objective of the whole project is to create a website to plan lessons in an easy and effective way in a least you have other students. The following are the course objectives.

Create program for students to log in to the website and start classes on their server. Allow students to take online class after logging in with their original email address from last class. Allow students to upload course notes on class website after completing it with their current ID. Aid students in archiving their note on class website.

How to know how to compare online and offline learning

How to add list of student and the class number.

How to place list of paper notes in slides.

How to find registers of classes

How to create the signup form on email so they are not wasted.

How to know how to pick topic to get students!

How to know the topic to get the class of students.

How to find the top topics and review them of their background in course in first few rows.

How to know the top class (part 1)

How to know top 10 topics (part 2)

How to know topic to find the professor (part 3)

How to choose the course to see the top students (part 4)

How to know the hall of class (part 5)

How to see the list of students.

How to get answer for the question question from the instructor in top topics.

How to reach the faculty with help of class list.

How to know the seat of the student name in each class.

How to know any alerts which indicate new classes and tardiness reports.

How to know the order of the class.

How to know current classes in every series of online classes (section 4)

How to know if teachers’ classes are not visiting with the school.

What would be the difference between an online and offline learning?

Ensure Online & Offline Learning

The learner will learn online & offline classes in offline & online courses. The learner will be able to access online courses of a school by using that school’s server. The learner will use their ID to log into that server which will be their student ID. The online courses will follow a specific curriculum and students will be able to use their ID number to upload class notes in the web browser on their computer. This means that the online students will be able to access offline courses without the registration for offline courses. The reasons for offline courses might include time or situation where the teacher cannot reach the learners easily. The learners will get the benefit of an online course because they will get an opportunity to chat with their fellow students while attending the online class. This will improve the online education because people will get to learn with their fellow students face to face. The learners will also be able to get the feedback from their fellow students. This gives the students an opportunity to understand and follow the problem-solving procedure in terms of different subjects. By using the online classes, learners will be able to attend classes at their convenience. With the online classes, the learners are able to reach home late at night by paying the prescribed electricity bill fee. These are some of the advantages of online learning.

Offline Learning and Online Learning

With the offline courses, the learner can access the online courses if they have visited the online courses. However, there will be some differences because of the students living far away from the school. The way the online classes will be carried out may not be right to the learner. Different students have different learning needs and will require different things when learning offline classes. The learner who has travelled with the same professor will understand the online classes of professor much better.

How to ensure online and offline learning

The learner will take online courses if they are comfortable with learning online. The learner will not get much advantage because they will have the same online and offline courses. It is the students’ responsibility to get the students registered to the online courses and to use their ID to register with the website. The learners will also not benefit from the online course because online courses follow the same curriculum.

Where to find answers and ask question of the professors

Direct questions will be given to all the lecturers about the subject to make them understand better. They can also direct students about their books to learn faster.

Where to catch the professors

Direct question will be given to all the lecturers about the subject to make them understand better. They can also direct students about their books to learn faster. Students can also get answers from other students, teachers, and the websites for online courses

Disadvantages of online course

The general field of research of an online course is delayed and it is difficult to find the replies of the teacher and class about the topics.

How to improve online courses

Other study aims are very different but online

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