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1) Online Reindeer Auction

If you’re unsure how to locate your beloved Christmas tree, get yourself to Central California. On November 21, Advent Candy Market will co-host America’s premier online reindeer auction.

If you are in the area, Google it and you will have luck finding a new antique home with the perfect tree. There are a number of online auctions happening across the country right now, but this event is our top priority. You can enter the site a little early to take your chance on your favorite custom purchased local-made holidays.

2) The Bay Area Arts & Culture Weekend

Get ready to enjoy the Bay Area’s premiere multi-cultural music festival. Food will be available for your picking, as well as beverages and food trucks! There will be arts and crafts for everyone in the family to enjoy! Grab a wine glass and head over to the Wine Academy to get a chance at creating a wine and food pairing for yourself and someone you love. The Wine Academy is a San Francisco favorite, offering wine and food pairings that will last the night!

A great way to enjoy the streets of the city is to walk down Jackson Street! Make sure to take a brief moment to take in the sights. The way it was before the art and restaurants moved into downtown, the city has completely changed, but you will find the same colorful, vibrant aromas, cultural chameleons and unique local culinary creations.

3) HBO Boxing

The network has returned to serve its community with the premier of the HBO Fight Night series! It’s a documentary series that will chronicle the unique twists and turns that come along in the lives of passionate prizefighters (and journalists) with a take on power.

Controversial or not, the documentary series is free to watch online! Simply enter the hashtag #HBOBoxing and the movie or sports event you are interested in watching will be displayed in the box below. If you want to skip the ads, then enter #MEDIA_5.

If you watch too many fights, you’ll definitely want to head over to the states very next day, November 22. Join a panel discussion on the impact of sports on the life’s of fans and men and women in the military! Play a round of QAnon trivia on Twitter to win an official Ringside Edition of Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight, his knockout against Joe Louis!

4) This Is The Lottery

Admission is free, but you’ll need to donate to participate.

The Golden State Lottery System, the largest statewide lotteries in the world, will engage with hundreds of Southern California-based volunteers during Giving Tuesday. #ForEveryCauseTogether, the local community collaboration that supports the Golden State Lottery System, gives volunteers new ways to support their hometown nonprofits by changing the way they interact with nonprofits.

5) Hungry with The Children

Chef Eduardo Lozano’s culinary creations will be on display during the Hungry with The Children event. Create a meal that will prompt the agency to expand enrollment of disadvantaged children to a community-based kindergarten or elementary school!

If you have a creative, innovative chef on your hands, then why not volunteer to cook a recipe for Hungry with The Children! In addition to bringing your own small group of volunteer cooks together, you can submit an online recipe, which can then be shared to friends and family for inspiration.

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